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Just a quick pop in guys, since I am crazy-busy with reading papers and books for my master thesis. To lighten things up a bit, until I come back with a damn-delicious fall recipe tomorrow, I thought it would be a good day to share some of Jane’s worldly wisdom and learn something about self-love.



Kick the self-loathing voice in the ass. This little sucker ain’t helping with anything and start being your fabulous self today!dammit

Show off your new self-confidence and sass! beauty queen

And everyone will see how awesome you are!

just sayin …blink

And now that you mastered the art of self-respect, you are ready to spread the love: if a friend starts wallowing in self-pity …
oh no

… there is only one thing to say:
stop talking

So you two can be fabulous together!

bed party


Have a beautiful Friday evening rocking your awesome-self!