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Marvelous Monday {barcamp and foodie paradise}

This weeks “Marvelous Monday” was filled with a marketing barcamp recap, delicious eats, my outfit for a birthday celebration and cute kitten pictures, cause who doesn’t like that ;)!

family2 The Importance of Knowing Your Family Roots {guest post}

On Tuesday we enjoyed a guest post written by the lovely Virginia Cunningham, who nicely offered some advice on knowing your family roots when it comes to health issues.

salad rice and turkey

What I Ate Wednesday {crazy appetite}

On Wednesday I talked about my crazy ravenous appetite after a good workout. You should definitely make sure to read the comments on this, a lot of amazing lady’s shared their experience on that matter.


Choco Monkey Donuts {got bananas?}

To my opinion, a banana a day should be added to the official diet recommendations. Bananas just make my life happier and better… especially when they come in banana-bread-donut form and chocolate chips are included!


Self-Love {what drop dead diva teaches us}

When Friday came around I assumed we were all ready for some fun and sass! Let’s say it with Jane’s words…

lentil stew

Step By Step Recipes {fall lentil stew}

A rainy weekend calls for some comfort food. With this easy and budget-friendly step by step recipe every cooking-novice and economista can get a delicious seasonal dish on the table.

Favorite Reads

4 Big Myths About Calories Busted – Shape

True words on why counting calories is rubbish and a waste of your valuable time. Finally fitness and health magazines start catching up with how to achieve permanent results: balance and body-awareness. 

Introducing the WW-Diet | Eat Anything & Stay Mindful – The Wellness Wonderland

Katie invented a diet I love with a convincing approach: Eat anything you want whenever you want, but do it in a calm and relaxed state. If that isn’t an amazing idea!

What Do You Really Want? Here’s How To Get Clear – Your Healthiest You

Thanks Robyn for these helpful words. Sometimes it is hard for us to make out what we really want and what we think we should want. I am sure this 3 steps could help along the way.

The Truth About Sex And Your Weight – Sarah Jenks on Huffpost Healthy Living

Every girl and woman should read this. Fact.

Things I Wish I’d Been Told In College – Sweet Miles

Sarah changed her life for the better recently and learned a few lessons along the way that could be useful for a lot of us. I am happy for encouragement like this to follow your dreams and not be afraid of what others might tell you.

JK Rowling Is Making More Harry Potter, Because Of Course She Is – Kotaku

Yes, Yes, YES!!!


Nice Finds


A lot of our health issues today are caused by stress. Everyone stresses out about something and would love to reduce the unnecessary worries. MeQuilibrium developed a test to assess your stress Quotient and has tips on how to reduce it. Pretty useful, huh?


… a phone worth keeping. I am convinced.

A yard sale find:

Such a beautiful vegetarian cookbook with a lot of inspiring recipes, published in 2012. I was lucky to find this on a church yard sale yesterday, but you can also purchase this in the “cooking” section of my astore if you like it.
Dia Framptons heartfelt music


Favorite Eats

basil zucchini risotto

Yesterday evenings Basil Zucchini Risotto inspired by a recipe in my new cookbook. I’ll share my version with you soon…

In Other News

For all German foodies out there: the Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming to German Starbucks at the end of this month! I got this secret information from my local Starbucks guy 😉 Now it’s time to scream and jump and get all excited!