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Happy Wednesday my fellow fall-fans! Tuesday was a free-of-work day for me. I decided to spend some time reading for my master thesis and digging into my fall-food-prep. What’s that? you may wonder. It’s my apple sauce and pumpkin puree time. I go through heaps of it each fall. And since apple sauce tastes best homemade and chunky and pumpkin puree is not sold in cans in Germany, the first thing I did Monday morning was buying a huge hokkaido pumpkin and a bag of apples and get cooking.apple saueSadly piling up mason jars for this picture wasn’t the best idea… one fell down afterwards and I did not only break the pretty mason jar but also lost one third of my just prepared apple sauce. Sad stuff.

I forgot how much pumpkin puree you get from only one medium sized hokkaido: this was close to 1 L! Even though I am making two recipes using pumpkin this week I will still have more than enough leftovers for soup or freeze them up for later purpose.

I started my Tuesday morning with a quick coffee and a jam toast before heading out for a run – no picture, in my zombie-like-early-morning-state I forgot that it was time to capture every kernel that goes in my mouth for WIAW purpose.


After a fast 5K and managing to graciously plunge 10 meters from my frontdoor (my thigh is showing off some crazy colors, I can tell you), I seriously needed a soothing bowl of eggy banana oats. And one of my favorite fall breakfasts is oatmeal topped with nut butter and apple sauce. Thanks to Laura I gave the Rapunzel 4-nut-blend a try and love it’s smooth flavor. It’s a bit addictive and I have to remember myself that eating nut butter with a spoon might not be the best idea…


Running makes a girl hungry and only one hour after the bowl of oats my tummy was grumbling again. I whipped up a quick turkey and cheese sandwich with some spinach for crunchyness, added an apple and started working on a recipe for a guest post in October.paleo scones

Confession-time: two of these paleo pumpkin scones didn’t make it through the day. Sorry guys, cannot share the recipe for two more weeks, but it’s worth the wait, promise.spagetti squash and baked fish

A proper warm “lunch” was eaten mid-afternoon. I had some leftover spaghetti squash pasta and half a baked fish filet, which I only needed to reheat. Gosh, I love leftovers. They make life so much easier.

edamame and toast

When dinner time came around I wasn’t that hungry. Before heading out for our marketing club meeting I ate a toast with turkey breast and cottage cheese and a side of edamame.

Before bedtime another apple made it’s way into my tummy – I am so apple crazy at the moment. These freshly harvested fall apples really taste like candy. Anyone else noticed the difference?

What are your favorite fall-foods? Are you a fan of leftovers? Any ideas what to do with all the pumpkin puree?