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Happy Monday! Was your weekend as marvelous as mine? Let’s just forget about the Sick-Sunday-Afternoon part. Seems like I do really have an alcohol intolerance. Going to let it check by my doctor soon and then I’ll tell you more about it. Thus far: it’s not pretty and makes three glasses of red wine no fun whatsoever.cupcakesOther than that I spend my Friday evening and most of Saturday baking up a storm of cupcakes for my brothers birthday party. Since my mom isn’t a big baking fan and prefers to make a huge roast or something like that, I am on baking duty and most of the time also on vegetarian cooking duty, since some of my cousins and their girl/boyfriends are vegan or vegetarian. This time I went with another one of Sally’s cupcake recipes, since those never failed me: Fudge Brownie Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting were easily vegan-ized by using some egg-replacement, plant-based whipping cream and a shortening that truly tastes like butter (I can just recommend Alsan, if you are from Germany).cupcakesFor the second batch I got inspired by my fall inspiration board on Pinterest, where I linked up a recipe for Cheesecake Cupcakes with Pumpkin Pie Frosting. These were the bomb! My total favorite. The only thing you have to be aware of when making these: they take a lot of time since you have to bake a pumpkin pie for the frosting and let it completely cool down. My Pumpkin Pie Frosting turned out too sweet and I added some whipped cream to lighten it up – amazing, can just recommend doing that. After having a lot of frosting leftovers I decided to make another half batch. The Pumpkin Pie Frosting was more of a pie anyways, so I just made more graham-cracker-crust, baked it for 3 minutes, mixed 1/2 cup of flour and 1/2 tsp baking powder into the pumpkin pie frosting, filled the forms with them, baked for about 20 minutes and finally finished them of with the leftover peanut butter frosting. As always nobody could tell the difference between the vegan and the non-vegan cupcakes and most of them were gone before dinner was even on the table. On Sunday I had to get up early to drive 90 minutes to my photography workshop. The ex-girlfriend of my brother stayed this January at my place for her internship and as a thank-you gift she gave me an “adventure gift coupon” which I could redeem for various activities offered by the organisation: one of it was a DSLR-technique-workshop. Since I planned purchasing a DSLR for months I saved this coupon.



And oh was it worth waiting! I learned how to take pictures in the dark by playing with ISO-setting,ย exposureย time and aperture setting.

IMG_0711We also learned when to use the flash and when to just play with the settings to get the results you wish…IMG_0714and that there is no one-fits-it-all setting since a) it depends on the situation and b) on what you want to achieve.IMG_0750When the curtains were opened I once again noticed that no matter how good your technique is, pictures look best when taken in daylight.IMG_0760Even though I had a headache during those 3.5 hours I sucked all the information in and after making it to the election office (big election day in Germany yesterday, in case you didn’t know) and finally my flat, I passed out for the remaining afternoon… I finally felt better at around 9 pm and decided to give my new technical-skills a try: IMG_0773With only my small bedside-IKEA-lamp as light source I managed to take a few darn cute pictures of Lou – no flash used.IMG_0775 All right, this wasn’t only my achievement: props to Lou’s posing. She really loves the attention. Now I need to find the e-book on food photography everyone’s been talking about.

Do you use a DSLR? Did you ever join a photography workshop or how did you learn using it? Any recommendations on how to take prettier food pictures?