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Happy Wednesday foodies! It is our day to celebrate the love of food and healthy (and not so healthy) eating, to share food related stories and throw in some not so food related stuff to keep things interesting. Thanks again to the amazing Jenn for hosting this party for the bazillionst time!jeans blouseI was so happy that turning the ISO setting up (thanks photography workshop) made it possible to share today’s fall outfit with you, since I am truly in love with this jeans blouse. I’ve been searching for one in a light color, which closes in the chest region without being totally loose everywhere else. It’s still a bit loose but I like it this way. Enough outfit-talk, lets get started with my little set of confessions!

Confession No. 1: For What I Ate “Wednesday” I share my Tuesday eats with you every week. But since nearly everyone does it, we should probably consider renaming it.
oatmeal with apple sauceConfession No. 2 : Breakfast was eaten around 11 yesterday, since I wasn’t hungry early morning and went to the library for my research without eating anything before. Unnecessary to mention that my tummy was killing me by the time I made it back home.crisp bread with cherry jamConfession No. 2: I had post-breakfast “dessert” in form of an agave sweetened milk coffee and a crisp bread with creme cheese and cherry jam. healthy banana oatmeal cookiesConfession No. 3: Instead of lunch I baked a batch of banookies (recipe will be up tomorrow, just a quick sneak peek) and snacked on three of them and a few almonds throughout the afternoon.writing on master thesisConfession No. 4: I can’t study in the library. Researching on papers and books is all right, but when it comes to reading and writing it’s way to quiet for my taste. I am doing better with a bit of distraction:kitten playing gif

Lou getting cray with her catnip-pillow for example.

three colored catOr attacking me for taking pictures of her playing. She probably thought they weren’t too flattering.

Confession No. 5: I was too lazy to go to the gym and did my workout at home instead… and I must say that it was pretty nice to save close to an hour of time for the drive there and back and switching between gym machines or even waiting for one. I am lucky that I have a lot of equipment (read: stationary bike, skipping rope, barbell, dumbbells, pullup bar) at home and can easily transfer my workout if I want to save some time.chinese steamed eggConfession No. 6: I got wanderlust when dinner time came around and decided to have a chinese style meal. A quick microwave steamed egg with fried hoisin cabbage and brown rice it was. I should really start cooking Asian food more often again: it is healthy yet so satisfying.IMG_0937Confession No. 7: I put the grocery shopping off for as long as possible, but after dinner I really had to hit the store. And I couldn’t resist the dark chocolate covered biscuits, the sea salted pumpkin seeds and the ginger-elderberry tea. Plus, of course I had to have them all for a post-dinner dessert. Second dessert in a day and lunch being dessert in a way, too. Totally fine by me.

In other news: the PSL is available in German Starbucks since Monday. And confession No. 8: I totally persuaded Sina to meet me there for coffee today, so that I can finally taste and tell what all the fuss is about!starbucks-pumpkin-spice-latteHave you already had your PLS fix this September? Somehing to confess this Wednesday? Feel free to let it all out! Can be quite liberating. What are your favorite everyday desserts?