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Is it the end of the week already? I hate how days pass by when you are on vacation and these last 3 days were running like an Ethiopian Olympic Games contestant.

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Marvelous Weekend {photography workshop and cupcakes}


This weeks first post dealt with my favorite part of the week: the weekend. The last one was especially marvelous due to a great family come together at my brothers birthday, a heap of cupcakes and a photography workshop where I learned how to take pictures manually.

What I Ate Wednesdays {confessions}


This Tuesday eats where accompanied by a series of confessions, an insight into how I am more or less successful working on my master thesis and what Lou contributes to that.


I Am Going On A Short Trip

Just a quick note on my sudden weekend plans. I took off to my aunts and a “low-post” weekend.

Banookies {healthy yet delicious chocolate chip cookies}

My favorite healthy snack recipe, whipped up in no time and with ingredients you most likely already have at hand. If the study-snack-monster hit you, you don’t have to grab sweets but can quickly make a batch of these.

Plus: this one was my first recipe which was accepted on foodgawker!


{favorite reads}

How To Look Like A “Famous Celebrity” In A Big Action Movie – Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness alone is a blog worth visiting. I love their geeky humor and could spend days being entertained by just scrolling through their archives. This kind of sociocritical, ironic post made it’s way to my heart this week.

The Importance Of A Morning Routine – Cat Food Is Good For You

Cat’s blog is refreshing different for a health food blog. She covers a broad variety of topics and her cute illustrations make me smile. In this weeks post about the importance of morning routines she interviewed a few of her health-idols and inspires us to create a great start of the day for ourselves.

Why I Find It Important To Invest In Myself, First And Always – The Good Life

To stick with the topic, I found this article on The Good Life pretty helpful in developing a part of your morning routine which starts your day on a positive and self-loving note.

Circuit That Controls Overeating Found In Brain – Huffpost Healthy Living

This here is for the science geeks among us. Nice to be on track with the newest research, even though we all know that it will probably change be replaced as quick as it appeared.

Let My Girls Be Hermiones, Rather Than Pansy Parkinsons – Mangoes & Miles

Beth re-discovered this beautiful post by J.K. Rowling on fat talk and body issues. I love it, since this is exactly how I feel when I think about having a daughter some day.

22 Tips to be more Awesome from FLBlogCon 2013 – Run To The Finish

And to end the round up: some tips on blogging. Who doesn’t like that? Btw: I think we are all pretty awesome already!

{nice finds}

The Daily Hiit – 5 Day Challenge

Bodyrock/The Daily Hiit are coming up with a lot of beginners challenges recently. So if you want to start out with short high intensity workouts, this is a great way to go. You don’t need more than 15 minutes a day and the best: it’s totally free.



Ever wondered where all this cool quote frames on pinterest, instagram, tumblr and so came from? Thanks to Carly I know it now.

Have you seen my fall inspirations board on pinterest yet?

glad for octobers

Now that October is rolling around it’s quite sunny and beautiful around these parts.

{best eats}

I had various fantastic eats while I stayed at my aunts. For now I’ll just share this picture of macaroons with you, which I got in a French patisserie on our walk this morning, but check back tomorrow for a weekend recap with more of our eats and deeds. I am off to work on my thesis and later we plan to go on a flea market with antique goods only.