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Happy Monday, lovelies. I just got back home from a few beautiful days with my aunt, hence the late post. And since I have a huge bunch of pictures to share, I decided to make two posts out of my trip and thus you have to come back tomorrow to see the second part.oatmeal with peach

Marvelous was starting our day with eggy oats and the last peaches of the season. My aunt always asks me to make oatmeal for breakfast when I am around and I am happily doing so, since it’s the best breakfast in the world.

walking the dog

Marvelous was walking the dog and talking for hours. We had a few golden September days and enjoyed the sunshine.


lamb filetthe secret dessert

Marvelous was eating out in my aunts favorite Greek restaurant. I had the roast beef with a side of vegetables and my aunt had the lamb filet with the same side dish. And the specialty of the house is the dessert which always follows the meal unquestioned: a fluffy kind of greek yogurt / mascarpone mix (the ingredients are a secret, so it’s just my assumption) topped with honey. Bliss.

juicing celeriac

vegetables for juice

Marvelous was my aunts fancy juicer and us spending half an hour juicing everything in the fridge from apples to wheat grass.

juice and watermelon

green juice

One liter of green goodness was our reward. My aunt also had some watermelon, which wasn’t sweet enough for my taste – the season is definitely over.

almond butter love banana and almond butter

So I went with half a banana topped with almond butter instead. But we didn’t just feast on vitamins, but also had our fair share of treats:

macaroon cake

Marvelous was getting macaroons from the French patisserie around the corner and enjoying cake on the antique market we hit on Sunday. Bargaining makes a girl hungry.
spirulina face maskBy the way: looking like Shrek every evening was pretty marvelous, too. For gorgeous skin glow my aunt recommends making a mask out of spirulina powder and water. The stuff smells… kind of funny… but I’ll stick to it for 10 days and afterwards I’ll report back.

More weekend fun comes tomorrow. Have a great start of the week!