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So, as promised yesterday, here comes the second picture bomb from my short trip. Saturday was beautiful and sunny here in Germany, thus my aunt and I took the opportunity to go for a long walk in the English Garden, which is a huge local park. fall walkI brought my new canon and took over 100 pictures on this walk. Though my aunt is usually the one posing in front of every cam (she is really great in taking beautiful pictures and has heaps of captured memories from every year of her life) she took over and had fun taking pictures of me.

aunt and dog Her lovely dog is 14 years old by the way. He is like a family member and it is so sad to notice the signs of aging: he is completely deaf now and searches the whole flat for my aunt every time she leaves the room.

great danesun ray
IMG_1093 I proofed my climbing-skills on this low hanging tree, after my aunt dared me to, which reminded me of an old childhood-video my mom showed me recently. 2 year old me playing at a fountain, my mom filming and telling me to not go near the water. Cut. A few minutes later my aunt is filming me calling “go, play in the water!”. End of the story: me soaking wet, my mom telling me off and my aunt cracking up.
ballerinas The walk was amazing and exactly what I searched for with this short trip: a break from worrying what I’ll be facing over the next months. My master thesis, moving, the semester abroad, job search, moving again, who knows where…

The culmination of the trip was Sunday evening. My aunt took me out to a Lebanese restaurant.
IMG_1167 We decided to order a variety of starters and share one main course since we always tend to gorge on the starters and have no hunger left afterwards. Our 4 starters were: hummus with lamb cubes and almonds, tabbouleh …
IMG_1172 eggplant puree (my favorite) and meatballs with a falafel-like crust and herb-yogurt-dip.
IMG_1175 For the main course we went with the roasted lamb, spiced spinach and safran sauce.
IMG_1178 The meat was perfect. And we enjoyed our walk back home and the night-walk with the dog after stuffing our faces with these delicacies. It is always sad to leave, but since my aunt and I are pro’s when it comes to turn musings into reality I am sure that we’ll be on an exciting trip again soon.