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Happy Wednesday foodie friends. It’s time for our business as usual: food talk! Yesterday was an amazingly productive day after weeks of not being sure if my topic would be accepted and afterwards missing my usual groove. Funny thing is: when life goes as it should, somehow healthy eating comes naturally for me. Looking back on yesterdays eats I had an exemplary day and didn’t go crazy on the snacks (which is mostly happening out of frustration). But I guess after treating me to delicious eats and lots of treats over the days at my aunt, my body just balanced it out.

I started my day with a strong coffee and my weight routine. After various workout-free days I thought hitting the gym first thing in the morning would start my day on a good note – and it surely did. Nice thing about getting up early? I was back home with a few groceries at 9:30.paleo breakfast bakeBreakfast was a delicious mug cake made of coconut and almond flour, an egg, coconut milk, coconut oil, nana, carrot and cinnamon. Of course it needed to be topped of generously with almond butter and maple syrup. Swoon…

Afterwards I did the dishes, started cleaning the flat, did some laundry and wrote a few mails, before working on a new recipe for lunch.butternut chard soup

Butternut chard soup with smoked tofu was the result. Do you know anything more comforting than a bowl of hot soup on a cold fall day? My aunt and I had homemade fish soup everyday for lunch. I will attempt making the soup myself soon and share the recipe with you. While you are waiting: the recipe for yesterdays soup will be up tomorrow.

chocolate buttonsAfterwards I enjoyed 3 of my homemade dark chocolate buttons for dessert. This is one of my recipes which I make over and over again, since it satisfies my craving for chocolate pralinés but with a heap of healthy fats and no processed sugar.almond pumpkin seed snack

My afternoon was spent meeting a friend at Starbucks for coffee and writing on my Master thesis. I brought a handful of almonds and some pumpkin seeds with me for snacking…frappuccinoand ordered a medium sized coffee frappuccino. Without thinking straight I went with the light variety and regreted it minutes after: not only was the sweetness of the artificial sweetener unbearable, I also had pretty bad headaches after. Lesson learned: never again light.
salad and chickenFor a quick and easy dinner I bought half a rotisserie chicken on my way home and made myself a huge green salad with cherry tomatoes and grated gran padano cheese. My favorite parts are the chicken thigh and the wing, so those needed to be eaten first. I freed the remaining chicken from skin and bones and stored it in the fridge for later.apple

Soothing my apple-craving with a huge organic apple as dessert, the day faded away with me passing out in front of the TV. Let’s hope this was the start of a productive week ahead – I plan to write 10 pages of my thesis until Sunday, let’s see how this will work out.

Thanks to Jenn our Wednesday is all about sharing our love for food. So hop over to Peas & Crayons and check out all of the other amazing WIAW posts!

Do you find healthy eating easier when everything else in your life goes well? What is your favorite fall lunch meal? Do you like to study in coffee shops?