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A Marvelous Short Trip {part one} & {part two}

juicing celeriac

This Monday and Tuesday was all about the few days I vacayed at my aunts: green juices, dog stories, long fall walks, Shrek face masks, sweet musings, french patisserie and dining out in restaurants included. Just scrolling through them makes me want to go back right now. My aunt Β is simply the best!


What I Ate Wednesday {getting back into the groove}

frappuccinoBeing back, reality looks like this: writing on my master thesis, working, getting back into the kitchen for some healthy cooking and food photography and working out. Luckily the girls and the kitty lift my spirits. Writing a thesis is really a lonesome thing otherwise. Good thing there is always a well known coffee shop around the corner if it gets to quiet for my taste.

Step By Step Recipes {beef mushroom potato stew}

IMG_1559Cold weather asks for… a good old beef stew. And since beef goulash meat was on sale this week I decided to cook up a huge pot for me and Jay to enjoy. Poor him is so happy when he gets a meal without pumpkin recently… yeah, I’m pumpkin cray, but I managed to do without… though I bet this stew would taste mind blowing with pumpkin instead of potato… just sayin.

Healthy Study Snacks {how to get A’s without buying new pants}

snacking vegetablesYesterday I took a writing break to share a few of my favorite healthy study snacks. Who doesn’t get the study munchies sitting on the buttocks for days and days in a row. Those snacks are also great to bring to the office, or wherever your sedentary lifestyle takes you. Just don’t be put off by the veggie picture, there are also some treats hidden in this post.

Oh and last but not least there is something else new on HN this week! Did you notice?

newdesign{favorite reads}

Take Sodium Reduction Advice With a Grain of Salt – Huffpost Healthy Living

Ever wondered why salt has such a bad reputation? This article gives a profound insight and talks about some of the most recent studies.

How Do We Measure Health – Living Mint Green

This amazing post by Jo was probably my favorite this week. I could brag about this for hours and I have a post on this topic planned to be shared soon. So all I can say for now: go and read it.

Take To Work Lunch Ideas For The Cooler Weather – Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish

Laura always writes such useful posts. I did especially like her fall lunch ideas this week. Another thing worth checking out: her awesome new hair cut!

Don’t Let Small Minds Convince You That You Dreams Are Too Big – Blogilates

pretty woman

Jennifer Lawrence Says F**k You To Diets – The Daily Hiit

Serious girl crush here! She definitely is a Health Ninja with her “common sense approach” and stands her ground. Role model!

1200 Calories – Sophieologie

If you only have the time to read one post this Sunday – read this one. Sophie comes clean about all this diet crap media bombards us with and this deep and long post is hopefully an eye-opener to many girls and women.

{nice finds}

The Ultimate Financial Planning Guide – The Greatist

ultimate financial planing guide

Cause who couldn’t use some budgeting advice?

Dark Chocolate Whiskey Cupcakes – Undressed Skeletton

Jay’s next birthday cupcakes…

Podcast: Cave Girl Eats & Smarter Self-Love

I also recommend this podcast with Liz Wolfe and Jonathan Bailor to those who are not interested in the paleo diet. It shows some great views on body image and self-love. My probably favorite quote: “I have yet to ever meet a guy who is like: I can see the ribs on that girl, that is soo hot! Like, I love the fact that her back and her butt look like one contiguous thing because she has no muscle.

{best eats}

Let me tell you with Instagram: quinoa spinach salad with chicken, apple, avocado and an egg; banana-egg pancake with nut butter; bacon & eggs with avocado and strawberries; my final recipe for these fall flavored scones for a guest post on October 22nd.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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