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Gloomy Monday to all of you. And yes, gloomy is a good thing in October if you ask me. Gloomy means that you can cuddle yourself up at home with a steaming cup of tea and enjoy a compelling read. And it’s totally fashionable to meet your favorite girls for a comfy TV night and face masks instead of getting all dressed up and going out. So due to us becoming more homey and relaxing a bit after the social stressfull months of summer I decided to have a special October theme on HN: Pamper Yourself!

I talk a lot about food and workouts and intuitive eating and body image, but I shamefully neglected body, hair and skin care, which is absolutely part of being healthy, so far. And I’d also like to talk a bit about relaxing, cutting back on stress-factors, setting priorities and fascinating stuff like that… but that will probably happen in November then.

pamper yourselfSo far I am educating myself about natural hair and skin care by reading tons of interesting blog posts, listening to amazing podcasts and scrolling through heaps of pictures on pinterest. I also created a new board on Pinterest where I collect some of the information.

Here are a few of the topics I would love to talk about – and for those who are interested in guest posting: contact me! I am quite busy with my master thesis and would love to have other bloggers take over from time to time and share their experiences.

Facial Steams

The No-Poo Movement

Oil Cleansing

DIY Face Masks

Essential Oils for Hair and Skin Care

Lighten Your Hair Naturally

Dry Brushing

More ideas what to include in the series? Have you made your own experiences with natural hair and skin care already? How do you like to pamper yourself?