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Happy Wednesday dear foodies! Since I noticed that all my food pictures where horribly dark last week I was extra careful to catch good light yesterday and worked my manual settings a bit better. Don’t know, sometimes when you edit pictures they look way to bright, but in the blog frame they are exactly right. Anyone else noticed this phenomenon? However today is not about food photography (though this is an absolutely foodie approved topic) but about “ALL the apples” and I am not talking about “a lot of apples” but “ALL the apples” – for better understanding:

Ok, now that we all are at the same page, here’s what I cooked up on Sunday:

ALL the applesA glorious batch of chunky apple sauce made out of 8 medium sized apples. And let me tell you: you can eat apple sauce on EVERYTHING (enough with the capitals already, I know, I know…) So while I am totally jumping from one fall craving to another, apples are my current love. They just taste so freaking amazing now that they are in season and I just can’t

Enough said, let’s see some dirty details, shall we!?

I am in love with the pink Halloween theme by the way – happy that it is back. Thanks Jenn ❀ !

pumpkin pie smoothieI started my day with the first workout of the Bodyrock 30 Day Challenge yesterday (love it – especially since the old site is back, I just like it so much more) and afterwards needed some quick refuel: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie it was. I got the inspiration for this weeks ago on some blog. Sorry, but I really cannot remember which one it was.Β And ever since wanted to make one myself. This one contained: pumpkin puree, apple sauce, vanilla protein powder, milk, almond butter. It’s a keeper.

breakfast for championsNot long after (I read through my favorite blogs and cleaned up the kitchen) I had my “solid” breakfast, which was actually apple-free: veggie patty, strawberries, runny egg and some bread to dip into the egg.

IMG_1655Lunch was a huge bowl full of love: tuna mixed with ayvar sauce, spinach steamed with coconut oil and topped with grated gran padano, roasted butternut squash and cherry tomatoes. Followed by an apple dipped in almond butter for dessert.

paleo pumpki maple sconesMy afternoon pick me up after a some serious writing on the master thesis was the last of my paleo scones, a dark chocolate button and coffee. Seriously I need a coffee withdrawal as soon as I am done with this thesis. Good thing I still have 3 more months to go, right …

apple sauce porkFor dinner I feasted onΒ apple sauce pork (seriously, you should try this recipe, but probably with chicken instead of pork, mine was way too dry), pickled cabbage with salt and sunflower oil and a buttered rye onion bun. Guess what: I topped this meal off with one more apple.

Good thing my mum and I have an apple picking date for Saturday. I need to maintain my supply.

I wish you ALL the best apples!

What is your current fall craving? Any great ideas for more lunch bowls? Butter or no butter on your bun?