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As you might have noticed changes are happening around here. Since this blog is partly a reflection of my life and I am going through a huge change myself right now which doesn’t seem to stop soon, with me going abroad, graduating next year and who knows what will happen then… I considered to start from point zero, tabula rasa and just make a complete switch to a new blog. But I decided myself against it. My love for cooking and passion for healthy living is still there and will remain a part of the blog and furthermore I also made so many good friends, met amazing people, who read and comment and offer an ear when I need it. I feel so blessed due to all of the support you guys offered recently and I was brought to tears experiencing the solidarity of our community. So I won’t completely give up on Health Ninja, just change it to make it a better fit for what will happen in my life that I want to share with you.

Firstly: a new name. I have the feeling that after three years of blogging I’ve outgrown the old one. Renaming the blog to “With An Open Mind” feels like a better title to embrace my move to France, the search for a new job, the creation of a new life. Accordingly the social media accounts are renamed and I’ll get a new .com address in the next days, while also, finally making the jump to self-hosting.

Secondly: my old categories are rearranged to allow a wider range of topics I’d like to talk about. Healthy living, recipes and fitness will surely still be a part of it. So will be intuitive eating, which I will keep writing posts about. But I also want to write more about what happens in my life (back to the roots of blogging, when blogs where used mostly as online diaries), learning a new language, exploring France, Online Marketing, my field of studies, and people who inspire me.

Finally: it’s not a biggy. But Health Ninja Weekly might not be a fitting name for my weekly round up and link up any longer. It is still a thing I’d like to keep around, since it helps people to get a better overview and also spread the love by sharing blogs, posts, pictures, ideas, inspirations… So, any ideas how to rename HNW?


Despite the chaos of changing I hope that you bear with me and stick around. Writing was an outlet for me since I knew how to and blogging gave me the opportunity to publish and share my written words without making writing a profession (aka my moms worst nightmare).