Intuitive Eating

This page collects my posts regarding Intuitive Eating and presents you an overview of some guidelines which will help you to reconnect with your bodies natural signals of hunger and satiety.

Stop Dieting. 

    • throw out your scales
    • eat when you are hungry
    • eat what you want

(for more details read my post: Intuitive Eating {happy valentines: start loving yourself} )

The Hunger Scale


Aim for a balance between 4 and 7 and avoid to overstep or undercut this range.

(for more details read my post: The Hunger Scale {hunger directed eating} )

Satisfaction makes you slim

  • be present
  • limit distractions
  • slow down

Stop chasing the taste

Flavor diminishes as your hunger fades and you near fullness. That is why it helps to decide what you want to eat, before you eat it – when done with the plate/bowl do not go for something else.

(for more details read my post: Eat Pretty {eat, pretty!} )

Afraid of eating whatever you want?

R.E.L.A.X. In a few days, or maybe even hours, you will start craving apples and salad, just as much as you are craving fast food and sweets right now.

There is no such thing as a fattening food. There are more energy dense foods. They provide more fuel for your body and fill you up longer. So you won’t eat as much of them and won’t be hungry as soon as after eating less energy dense foods.

(for more details read my post: Intuitive Eating = Unhealthy Feasts {why you will crave apples and salad} )

Eat more healthy fats!

Having enough fats in your diet is just as important as eating carbohydrates and protein. This macro-nutrient which has such a bad reputation among dieters is actually really important for your health and overall well-being and will make following an intuitive eating approach a lot easier.

(for more details read my post: Intuitive Eating {why eating fat will help you losing fat})

Love Yourself!

And start with it now, today, do not take the above mentioned advice step by step before starting to appreciate yourself. If you cannot do this, everything else will fail at some point.

Start by giving your inner child the control and pampering it. And I also highly recommend to follow Sarah Jenks free program.

(for more details read my post: Find Your Inner Child {and give it some love} )

And a lot of helpful sources regarding Body Image, Self Love and Self-Confidence:

Health Inspirations {work on your body image, girl!}


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